Thank you Friends - Scoreology

In wanting to bring us into the New Year properly and optimistic, both for ourselves, current clients and past and future ones as well, I figured what better way to do so than with a blog. But what about? No one really wants to hear about credit now, or be fearful of what they may, or may not get approved of, or the economy, which currently seems at the whims of the winds. The Christmas bills haven’t even arrived yet and the last thing any of us want to think about is money…

Just now Daniel walked into my door and explained a recently cancelled client had called. His last check did not go through (we work in the arrears and legally must so), which happens a lot this time of the year. Scott and I had talked about it and decided we would let Karma prevail as usual. If we got paid, great, if not, it is what it is. But this client called to let us know he’d like to make good on the final. He was very happy with the work, and while we can never make promises of deletions, we did well on the file and really, the only thing holding him back from his goal of 700 was his revolving utilization (which I reminded him of often). So we were all pleased to hear he called and wanted to pay.

So this blog is for all our clients. Past, current and future. For the Mom’s and Dad’s out there that are just starting out, for the professional’s in the sports world who need a little hand with past issues of youth, or current ones of indulgence. Folks starting anew after a recent bankruptcy or the single parent working two jobs because they want more for their kids (we have many of those). This is for the clients who come to us because they have their brother’s or father’s accounts on their credit report; or a recent college grad who needs to get their accounts resolved in order to qualify for that new Homeland Security job.

Thank you guys and gals. We appreciate your patience and trust. We appreciate your kindness and honesty and we will for ever endeavor to return it.

Be well on this holiday eve. Be safe tonight and please do not drink and drive.

I will be staying home in front of the fire and staring at the snow as it falls.

I hope the same or similar to you. Let’s be optimistic of the future.

It’ll be here before we know it.


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