Portfolio Recovery Deletes Bogus Collection - Scoreology


I have a bit of time today and with the summer in full swing I presume you may have too. Not that I encourage constant reading up on the myriad of different ways collection agencies damage consumer’s credit, however, from time to time it is helpful to be reminded. One of our out of state clients shared this response with us, and we are thankful she did. Thanks Stacy!

In short, Portfolio Recovery responded to one of our direct creditor letters and reluctantly admitted that they really don’t have any proof of an account they’ve been reporting for sometime on Stacy’s credit report. Some of you may know, a collection account can have a great deal of damage on the scores and result in folks paying many % points more in loans, or perhaps even be responsible for a credit denial.

While we are thankful the account was removed, the least PRA could have done was apologize. I guess there’s no manners in the world of debt collection.

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The response is very unapologetic indeed. Imagine waking up one day and realizing your credit was damaged due to a clerical error?? Happens all the time.

Tell us… What’s on your credit report??

Be well, and enjoy the summer gang!

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