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It’s the weekend. Credit Dr. Never sleeps. 

There’s something on my mind. I received this over the weekend. It was an email to one of our clients.

​It was scary, at first. But upon further review, you realize it is a scam. And further more, a bad one at that. Let’s begin the dissection.

First Paragraph: 
“You are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government, so before something goes wrong we would like to notify you about this matter. “

This is illegal. Debt collectors cannot lie to you or use deceptive methods in trying to collect a debt (this is very vague and can be a great tool for you).

Third Paragraph: 
                            (1) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATION 
                            (2) COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD
                            (3) THEFT BY DECEPTION”

This is also illegal. First off, ‘United Legal Investigation Bureau’ ??? Really? There is no such thing.  Also, (1) Violation of Federal Banking Regulation… By definition, it’s a regulation for BANKS, not consumers.
(2) Collateral Check Fraud… They are stating it is a line of credit up above, and yet here they are stating this individual has committed check fraud. Well, which is it?  
(3) Theft by Deception… The irony here is that these fools, Advance Cash Services, are actually the ones violating this law!!!

Fourth Paragraph: 
“And once you found guilty into the court house than you have to bear the entire cost for this law suit.” 

English language and grammar are clearly not this person’s strong suit. Any document you receive of this nature is typically hand delivered by a magistrate or a process server. Despite what they say, court orders are typically not issued via email.

Friend, in short, this is a scam. A poor one. However, folks who are not familiar with this level of scam may fall prey to it. Most people out there are good, honest people and this kind of email may terrify you. If you receive something like this and are worried, call us. We can help!!  Just free advice really; but it is peace of mind.

Be well,

Credit Dr. ​

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