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Well folks, here’s another one… this time it is ‘Door Dash’ the popular food delivery app… Yes, it was breached. It was announced September 27th, that 4.9 Million people’s data has been compromised. This included deliver drivers, users and restaurants. What was stolen?? partial bank account numbers, credit card numbers, emails, names, addresses, and driver’s license numbers of the deliver drivers.

However, those who joined after April, 5 2018 were not affected. That being said, It is still good to err on the side of prudence and check monitor your credit. Really, everyone should be doing this anyways. In the last few years, we’ve had many, many breaches. The most damaging was Experian, Equifax, Yahoo and Capital One. It was at that point most of our data was disseminated and now, as consumers we must be proactive in monitoring our credit for fraud. We have a monitoring service we’ve been using the past few years that’s been helpful and offers ID Theft protection, so if you want more info, give us a call and we can share the information with you.

Regarding Door dash, here’s their contact info if you would like to call and see if you were affected: If you have questions for DoorDash about the breach, the company has also set up a help line that can be reached at 1-855-646-4683.

Sorry for the news folks, but this is the way things are going. Like I said, at this point, it’s a matter of damage control through monitoring. I don’t see things getting any better and unfortunately, breaches are going to be commonplace for the foreseeable future. So get wise, monitor your credit and if you see something suspicious, call us and we can walk you through ways to mitigate the damage.

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