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Credit Repair 

Why use Scoreology?

We get a lot of calls from folks that have tried to remove inaccurate items appearing on their credit reports. Some have had success, others have not.

Credit Repair does take diligence and persistence. The lion’s share of folks who find the process useless or ineffective are doing electronic disputes. Possibly they have enrolled in one of the on line credit score monitoring services that are readily available to consumers. Then they find there’s a button on the monitoring service that says ‘Dispute‘… and they click it.

What they don’t realize – and what the bureaus don’t tell you – is that you are waiving some of your rights when you click that seemingly innocuous button.
One of the more important rights you lose is your ability to request the Method of Verification (MOV). The MOV is what we use to ensure that the bureaus are, in fact, following the law. That they are doing their jobs, as opposed to simply stating ‘verified’ (which they have been known to do).
Another very important step in the process that is omitted when you electronically dispute an item is that you receive no paper trail. Therefore, there’s nothing on paper that would prove that you’ve disputed anything. This is why we issue letters to the bureaus in the mail. Issuing a letter forces the bureaus to respond by mail. Those responses tell us a great deal about the account and why it may be reporting inaccurately. 


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