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Ed-Jack Dvorak is a credit expert at Scoreology, a national credit restoration company based in the United States. He works with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Albuquerque Housing Market is Still on Fire

If you are a potential home buyer, be aware… Albuquerque’s housing market is still going strong. It’s not just Albuquerque, but Rio Rancho, Bernalillo; nearly all of New Mexico experienced record home sales, and much lower number of days on market... read more

Credit Repair After a Bankruptcy – Part Two

Greetings Friends, I wanted to spend a bit of time today talking about what can be done after a Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy to improve your credit. We have found, one of the more challenging parts of being discharged from a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is to... read more

Albuquerque Housing Market and Credit Repair

Greetings Friends! We have quite a few clients in Albuquerque and many have been in the process of, or very nearing, the purchase of a home. Because we assist many folks with the process of repairing their credit for the purpose of a home purchase, I thought it would... read more

Good Credit Matters

Credit Repair You Can Trust In today’s world, your credit score is your financial fingerprint, so it’s important to make sure you understand the value of maintaining good credit. Your credit score can either open up doors for you or swiftly close them. Because your... read more

Collections Accounts Sold (Again) – Debt Validation

  Friends, I have discussed this one already, but it is so important, I want to get into it again. Basically, we see this a lot. Imagine if you would, we are working on behalf of one of our splendid, wonderful clients. We get a response back from TransUnion, or... read more

Portfolio Recovery Deletes Bogus Collection

Friends, I have a bit of time today and with the summer in full swing I presume you may have too. Not that I encourage constant reading up on the myriad of different ways collection agencies damage consumer’s credit, however, from time to time it is helpful to... read more

Reinsertion Request – Trickery!!

Greetings Friends, Just poking my head up to share this with you. In short, here’s a letter from our friends at 5/3 bank. We got this account removed from our client’s credit report because it lacked verification. However, after the fact, 5/3 is now... read more

A Verified Collection has been Deleted… What?

Greetings Friends, With us in the swing of our busy season, I’ve been unable to write as much as i’d like, but this one, I just couldn’t let sit. One of my favorite new clients. Actually, his wife, who I’ve been chatting with. Great lady,... read more

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