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Ed-Jack Dvorak is a credit expert at Scoreology, a national credit restoration company based in the United States. He works with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Door Dash Breached!! What to do about it…

  Well folks, here’s another one… this time it is ‘Door Dash’ the popular food delivery app… Yes, it was breached. It was announced September 27th, that 4.9 Million people’s data has been compromised. This included deliver drivers,... read more

Capital One Breach – What can be done?

  For those 106 (plus) million folks effected from the latest data breach, I wanted to give some advice. To begin with, let me first say that this will not be the last time this will happen. Nor has it been the first. Equifax just settled with the Federal Trade... read more

Ultrafico – Yielding more privacy

  Friends, it’s supposed to be the slow season, but that hasn’t happened yet, so my apologies for the lack of posts. However, I did have to share this with you. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon. There is a new FICO scoring model that is... read more

All I need is a 620 credit score – My Lender Says So!!

Friends, we get this a lot. A lot… I think I understand why. Really, in today’s busy world, we have to simplify our processes because it would take entirely too long to explain all the ‘boxes’ that need to be checked in order to qualify for a... read more

Credit Karma – Beware

Friends, this week I am going to chat a bit about Credit Karma. The fantastic site that allows you to review your credit, keep tabs on it and also dispute tradelines. All for free! The only thing is… when a site is free, you are the product. Just ask Facebook,... read more

Collection Account Deleted – Verification Fail

Friends, We are in the busy season, but I had to share this with you. Check this out. The first question that comes to mind is… ‘how is this legal’? Well gang, apparently in the world of collections we are all guilty until proven innocent. In this... read more

Thank you Friends

In wanting to bring us into the New Year properly and optimistic, both for ourselves, current clients and past and future ones as well, I figured what better way to do so than with a blog. But what about? No one really wants to hear about credit now, or be fearful of... read more

Albuquerque Housing Market is Still on Fire

If you are a potential home buyer, be aware… Albuquerque’s housing market is still going strong. It’s not just Albuquerque, but Rio Rancho, Bernalillo; nearly all of New Mexico experienced record home sales, and much lower number of days on market... read more

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