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Ed-Jack Dvorak is a credit expert at Scoreology, a national credit restoration company based in the United States. He works with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Dispute Comments – The Final Step in the Process

Greetings Friends, I’ve written about this before, but with the summer here, and many of our clients going through the mortgage process (yea!!!) I felt it was prudent to write another piece on the Final Step of our Process. The Removal of Dispute Comments... read more

Collection Triggers – Redux

Friends, It’s been a while since I’ve had time to surface and write you. We’ve been rather busy, but this one can’t wait. I’ve written about Collection Triggers before, however, there is a new player in town and I wanted to make you aware... read more

We are Scoreology

Friends, After months of consideration and work, we decided to change out names. The fact of the matter is, there are just too many Credit Dr’s out there. To avoid confusion, we went with a completely unique name, so people that are looking for us, can be... read more

The Value of Direct Creditor Letters

Friends,  Many Credit Repair Organizations communicate only with the bureaus. While this can be effective, often times it requires a bit more deliberate and pointed approach to get resolution. In this circumstance, we communicated with the bureaus and found there to... read more

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates By .25%

Greetings Friends! First off, my apologies for the lack of recent posts. Typically the holidays represent a time when we can catch up on things, as folks have a tendency to take a pause when it comes to their credit.  I don’t know if it’s the elections,... read more

Another Fair Credit Reporting Act Violation

Hello Friends,  wanted to share this with you. A clear cut example of a violation of the Statute of Limitations.  By our friends at Experian. It is rare they are this blatant. Typically they will re-age the account. However, in this case, it’s pretty straight... read more

Charged Off Accounts – How can they report???

Greetings friends, A little advanced credit reporting 101 here.  We get this question asked a lot: Can a creditor continue to report a charged off account every month?? And, if so, doesn’t this hurt my credit because it looks like it just happened?? Here’s... read more

Collection Account Deleted – No Apologies

Greetings Creditphiles – (that’s a new word) I present to you today another deletion from our friend at Stellar Recovery, which begs the question, their ‘recovery’ isn’t so ‘stellar’ after all.  In this particular case, we... read more

Credit Repair: When is the right time?? 

Greetings Friends,  ​You may have stumbled across this page because you are wanting to learn more about the prospects of credit repair and if so, welcome! We get a lot of call from folks from all over the country. Many of whom would like us to start investigating... read more

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