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For years, Scoreology has been refining, testing, and perfecting the science of credit repair, ensuring you, our client is always on top of your credit game.

Whether you want to buy a home, get a new job, or a new car, we can help you apply our proven credit repair methods to your own credit profile.

Your One-Stop Shop for Credit Repair

Scoreology Albuquerque is dedicated to helping you understand credit and how to improve your credit picture. Your credit score is made up of many different factors, and each of these factors help to make up your credit score.

Payment History

Payment history makes a huge part of your credit score. Having many missed or late payments could negatively impact your credit score for years.

Credit Usage

Your credit utilization rate is the second most important factor when it comes to determining your credit score. Having a utilization rate over 30% could decrease your credit score.

Age of Accounts

The length of time you’ve had accounts on your credit report will affect whether or not lenders will be comfortable giving you a loan, this number also affects your score.


Whenever a bank or lender checks your credit, this counts as an inquiry. Too many of these could negatively affect your credit score. There are a two types of inquiry: a “Hard Pull” and a “Soft Pull” and affect your score in different ways.


Collections and other “derogatory marks” can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. These types of accounts will negatively affect your credit score and could prevent you from achieving your goals.


If you’ve lost a civil lawsuit that requires you to pay debt or damages, it can appear on your credit reports. These types of judgements can also be also cost you money directly from your paycheck.

Credit is often a taboo, confusing, and scary topic, but we aren’t afraid to talk with you about your Albuquerque Credit Repair options! Scoreology has been working with consumers just like you for over 7 years, applying our proven methods of credit restoration to your credit profile.

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We’re happy to help you achieve your credit goals, no matter what your reason for credit improvement is. Contact us today for your free, one-on-one consultation.

We Have Your Credit Answers

We believe that every consumer should know all of the facts. With that said we will tell you the truth even if you don’t become our client. We want for you to know everything we do about credit and credit repair. Sometimes credit repair isn’t your best option and we’ll always let you know your best options.

  • Choosing the wrong credit repair company may put you in harm’s way, choose a credit repair company who cares as much about your credit as you do.
  • Negative accounts and collections can appear out of nowhere during mortgage preparation. Call us before you go to the mortgage broker to learn about your options.
  • Dispute comments can stop a mortgage cold. Let us help you understand dispute comments, what they do, and how they can hurt you.
  • Afraid of credit cards? We’ll help you understand how they help your credit score, and how to lose the fear of credit cards if you want stellar credit.
  • Think short-term loans help your credit? In fact they may hurt it! Let’s work together to find a better way to improve your score.
  • Collection triggers? What in the world is that?
  • “Want to save 20% on your purchase today?” We’ve all heard this at a retail shop once or twice, learn about what’s actually going on here… spoiler alert: don’t do it!
  • Why do I need an active, paid credit monitoring service during this process? Can’t I just use the free one I already have?
  • Why are my scores different?
  • What is a FICO score? Why are there are over 20 different types of FICO scores?
  • I have a collection account that is reporting an open date than is not accurate.
  • I have heard that collection accounts can be removed and then they show back up.
  • Should I settle an account?
  • My lender advised me to pay my collection account all would be fixed but my scores dropped significantly.
  • The auto dealership said I can refinance in 6 months. Why are they ignoring me now it’s been 12 months!
  • My mortgage broker said I need a 620 median score but the loan still won’t close I am a 620, and by the way what is a median score?
  • What is a debt validation letter? Will I receive any of these? What should I do when I do receive one?

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Our Reviews

Brittney S.

October 12, 2018

Scott and Ej are some of the best folks ever . They were compassionate , understanding, responsive, and respectful…

Parrish, FL


October 2, 2018

Worth every penny!! I was a 480 credit score on the summer of 2017 when I started with them, now I’m at 665! Since then I was able to lease a new car. Next step is a mortgage! They are Very easy to work with and professional. Definitely recommended!

Aaron C.

September 28, 2018

…They are extremely responsive and helpful. The results were great! I highly recommend.

Dallas, TX

Yvette T.

September 21, 2018

Excellent customer service. Look no further for a credit restoration repair company. They are the “real thing”. The team is knowledgeable and very courteous. Honesty, integrity, transparency define this company. I studied thoroughly beforehand and am pleased to say I am thrilled with my selection and the results obtained. Highly recommended!

Why Choose Us?

Scoreology has been repairing consumer credit for over 7 years. We have a proven track record of helping folks just like you to improve their credit standing. We would love to speak with you and learn about your specific situation and then advise on how we may be able to help.

Check out our extensive blog for answers to your credit repair questions and so much more! Or give us a call! We’ll be happy to explain our scientific approach to credit repair, plus it’s faster and easier to reach out to us than do all research on your own.

If you believe in reviews we have a few hundred that you can take a peek at, and we believe you’ll see that we do in fact, know what we are doing. We’re honest and you, our client, is very important to us!

Give us a call or send us a message! There’s no consultation fee and no pressure, we’ll strive to answer any of your credit repair questions in terms you’ll understand. This call could save you a lot of aggravation, time and money. Let us prove it!

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