About - Scoreology

We have been legally and ethically raising credit scores for consumers around the country since 2011

We’ll work with you, the three major credit bureaus, and with your creditors to improve your overall credit profile. Plus, we’ll give you the knowledge to keep it that way.

Who is Scoreology?

Scoreology is made up of real people. We’re credit professionals, dedicated to helping you improve your overall credit picture.

Scoreology is headquartered in New Mexico, USA. We work with consumers around the United States with credit counseling, credit restoration, and consumer education.

Whatever your goals, Scoreology can help!

  • Mortgage, auto loan
  • credit card, insurance
  • lower interest rates, new employment
  • financial freedom, social status
  • or more money in your pocket.

We know as much as you do that improving your credit score can potentially save you thousands on your mortgage, credit cards, loans and more. We work with you to help you attain the best credit possible.

We keep you and your goal in mind, every step of the way.

Scoreology, formally known as Credit Dr. is your place to repair and resolve your credit issues to gain the credit freedom you deserve.

Meet the Scoreology Team



Credit Expert

Father, credit restoration expert and owner of Scoreology.
Ed Jack (EJ)

Ed Jack (EJ)

Credit Expert

EJ has extensive knowledge about credit and the credit repair process. He works daily with our clients, helping to improve their credit scores. And he writes our blog. Read it here →


Bookkeeper & Receptionist

Stephanie is the go-to person to book your meetings and calls with Scott or EJ.


Coordinator & Consultant

Daniel is the newest member of the Scoreology team, he helps us with office coordination.

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