Reinsertion Request - Trickery!! | Scoreology

Greetings Friends,

Just poking my head up to share this with you. In short, here’s a letter from our friends at 5/3 bank. We got this account removed from our client’s credit report because it lacked verification. However, after the fact, 5/3 is now requesting the clients permission to re-insert it! They are painting a pretty picture by stating ‘we want to correct the error’, but they don’t disclose the account was reporting negative information that if re-inserted, would drop the scores!! See below:


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They’ve even been kind enough to ‘enclose an authorization form and return envelope’!! So they can ‘resume reporting your mortgage loan information’…

Sorry guys, our client did not fall for it. Basically, 5/3 asked to re-insert a negative item onto the credit report. Nice huh?

Be careful out there and have a great weekend!

Be well,


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