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Greetings Creditphiles – (that’s a new word)

I present to you today another deletion from our friend at Stellar Recovery, which begs the question, their ‘recovery’ isn’t so ‘stellar’ after all. 

In this particular case, we have an account that was purchased by Stellar, aka ‘debt buyer’, and then pursued by both phone calls, as well as inclusion on the credit report. 

Prior, mind you, to the account being verified. 

See folks, here’s the deal, I as a creditor, can report what ever I want to the bureaus, and the bureaus will happily place it on your report (for a fee mind you). 

It isn’t until I as a consumer say… ‘hey, what a minute, what is this??’ that the bureau/creditor/collectino agency has to then provide justification for the information; whether it be a late payment, a charged off credit card, a lien, or in this case, a collection account. 

So, per the request of our client, we did exactly that, and lo and behold, we find that Stellar Recovery can’t prove the account and has in fact sold it back to Comcast. 

No apologies by the way. No… ‘hey sorry for jacking up your credit, and causing you to pay 12% interest on that car…’, nothing like that. No closure, no regret… just ‘we have requested deletion to all credit reporting agencies for the account. 

To add insult to injury, I am willing to bet, this client will bring a debt validation letter from another collection agency who recently bought it, in oh, about two months. I give it two months before Comcast sells this again. 

Kind of sad isn’t it?? 

Be well friends, 

​Credit Dr. 

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