Greetings Friends, 

​You may have stumbled across this page because you are wanting to learn more about the prospects of credit repair and if so, welcome!

We get a lot of call from folks from all over the country. Many of whom would like us to start investigating their credit to determine the accuracy of their tradelines. 

That is after all, one of the main functions of what we do. However, is there a good time, or a bad time to work on the credit. 

Yes, there is actually. 

Scott, Edie and Myself believe we have a responsibility to people that call in, and have us review their files and sometimes, while those credit report contain clear errors and we believe we can help them, it still may not be wise to move forward. Below I will list a few circumstances we’ve run into where it may be worth reconsidering credit repair at this time. 

As opposed to listing every scenario we have run into and why we discouraged credit repair for a particular individual, I think it would be more helpful to be positive and review the profile of someone who is typically very successful with us.

In short, you need to be ready. When we get calls from folks saying…’it’s time I address this’; or ‘I went through a rough period a few years back, but now I am back on my feet’… these are the indicators we look for when chatting with folks. 

You need to be financially stable. You need to be willing to address the information and reconcile it if necessary; if it will help us achieve our goals.  

Credit repair is a extremely rewarding and educational process!!! Be optimistic! Understand it is very cathartic. 

If you are ready to learn about this world and engage your credit then let’s do it together!

If now is not the right time, we completely understand. A partnership never works when both parties are in stride the whole way. 

Oh, and have a good weekend. Do something fun for yourself on Labor Day. 

You deserve it!

Be well, 

​Credit Dr. 

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