‘Hello friends, 

This one is going to be a bit of ‘stream of consciousness’ writing; so hopefully it will make sense in the end. 

On the minds of many American’s (mine too) is the economy. 

The older I get, the less I care about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Tom and Jerry (yes, I am older), and whether or not that Alien Autopsy thing was real, and the more I care about the state of our economy. 

Being directly involved in so many folk’s lives causes us here to be concerned not only for our own welfare, but also, the welfare of our people in Texas, or Florida, or New York and California. Well, everywhere, really. 

What this means is that Scott, Edie and I pay attention to what is going on. We have long ago transitioned from thinking about FCRA violations, FDCPA violations, Debt Validation Letters, and so on, to providing as much advice to our clients as they seem to need. When you develop a relationship with someone, even though it is professional, you realize you want to provide them with as much help as possible. 

We are to the point now, after 6 years, to where we are giving advice on when to refinance your vehicle and with whom (there is a point where it doesn’t make sense to refi your car…); whether getting another mortgage makes sense, how best to ask for a HELOC; whether or not a client should qualify for a loan, etc… 

The three of us benefit from different backgrounds in finance, business, credit, merchant processing, auto sales, insurance, social media marketing etc. So while we are here mostly for the purpose of helping folks improve their credit, if we have insight into other areas that may assist or improve the lives of our clients, why not help? 

Last week, I was on an hour call with a teenager and her mother talking about how to avoid bad credit and how important it is to make good financial decisions. 

The week before that, the three of us were talking with a local client on how best to install a tile back splash. 

what I am getting at here, is good relationships often times tend to bleed into many areas of life. While credit may be the initial reason, we accrue relationships with our clients that extend well beyond credit. 

I enjoy it, and I think our clients enjoy it too. It’s nice to have someone to bounce things off of. 

And we have the chance to talk to folks in almost all 50 states. This means we can check the pulse of the country, in terms of trends, hiring, consumer confidence, housing prices, job trends, etc. 

It’s a fellowship of information if you will. 

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