Gang, I was talking to one of my clients today… actually about five minutes ago. He’s been with us for a while. A long while. He’s a school teacher. I like school teachers. Nurses too. In general, folks who have determined that they have a higher meaning in life. Folks that want to help other folks. 

I dig that. 

Anyway, as mentioned before, probably too much actually, our conversation moved to ‘what I am where I am’. He apologized several times during our conversation thinking that I was probably not interested in the genesis of his condition. 

The thing is; I was interested. 

This helps us take on a client’s file more passionately. 

The fact of the matter is, very, very VERY few of our clients, if any actually got themselves into an issue with credit because they weren’t responsible. The lion’s share, if not all of them had some pretty bad things happen in their lives, whether they were going through a divorce (these are killers…), lots their jobs, had medical issues, or much, much worse (yes, there’s much worse). 

​Gang, this is life. Good or bad. This is the stuff that knocks us down. This is the stuff we learn from. 

And… Many, many times, we get back up, and not only get through it, but succeed from it. 

Our clients get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They know from previous experience that there’s a way to heal from their life event.

In many ways, we are as much counselors, coaches and cheerleaders, as much as we are credit geeks. 

And we are good with that. 

I am off to disappear into the mountains for a few days. 

​I hope I don’t get eaten by a bear. 

Catch you on the flipside. 

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