Hello Friends, 

I got a call from a client yesterday. She’s been with us for about 75 days. She called in frantically because her and her husband were slated to take one of their kids to a soccer tournament with a few other kids. They needed to rent a car for the group so that everyone was accommodated. Unfortunately, the car rental company (I won’t mention names) only takes credit cards to secure the rental. 

So she was in a bit of a pickle. She called me, because we ask all of our clients to communicate with us prior to asking for credit. There are several reason why this is, but from the perspective of our client, the biggest reason is that is one of the reason’s they are with us. Because we want this process to be a partnership. 

So, I was reluctant to say, ‘go ahead and have then run your credit’. Mostly because I knew her report and I had a pretty good feeling that she wasn’t going to qualify for a card. But, that’s not really my point in writing this little anecdote. 

My point is, having bad credit is really no fun. It really limits our freedoms in life. So many businesses require credit that if we don’t have credit, we can’t do business with them. A lot of times, that means paying more money for things, so it’s a catch-22.

There really isn’t much of a point to this article, other than to say we understand and we feel for our clients. Many come to us after having worked hard on their credit for years and they need a bit of guidance, others come to us starting completely over. We need to work on their file from the ground up and be very strategic about what we do when. 

We WILL get her there eventually. I just really felt for her. 

Anyways friends, I hope you have a good weekend and a safe 4th of July. 

Credit Dr. will be back in the office on Tuesday. 

Be well, and don’t shoot your eye out!!!

​Credit Dr. 

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