Hello Friends!

The credit geeks here have been busy working on files. However, we do occasionally poke our heads up and smell the proverbial flowers. 

I took note of this response we got this morning from one of our wonderful local clients. 

So basically, yes, we got this account deleted. And yes, this client’s scores probably went up because of it. And yes, this is about $500.00 less this client needs to worry about (unless the debt is sold to another company). 

However, what I find a bit frustrating is that there was no apology. There was no explanation like…’we are sorry for screwing up your credit this whole time.’ or something like… ‘ the collection guy was just fired for putting this on your report, we’ve also beaten him with a sack of lemons’… 

Nothing like that. Simply… ‘Based on your dispute we have ceased collection of this account’. 

There’s no closure there. Nothing we can say to this client, (who asked by the way) ‘why was it deleted??’. 

All we could say is.. ‘well, it did not conform to the standards of the Fair Credit Reporting Act’. 

And he was good with that. Why? Because he trusts us. And honestly? We don’t know why. And that frustrates me, cause I was the guy that got the account deleted. 

Now I’m off to refill my bag of lemons. 

Be well, 

Credit Dr. 

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