I just got back from a conversation with a local realtor. It was an interesting talk. A good talk. Typically my conversations are about the status of one of our mutual clients, in terms of credit scores, what hurdles we have yet to climb, goals, building credit. Etc. 

This time, we just kind of chatted. Talked about struggles we have, and that conversation evolved into how the both of us view the work we do. There are certain realtors out there that don’t want the specifics, they are those…’just the facts ma’am’ folks. And others that want that info. The info about your kids, or your wife, or your job. 

We realized that we, her and I, provide so much more than simply, showing houses, or investigating credit. This is scary stuff for most. Personal stuff. And the difference between the good, and the very best folks in their industry is well.. caring. Being open. Re-assuring someone when they aren’t sure which house to buy, or sharing anecdotal experiences about a previous clients perseverance in over coming a repo, or a divorce, or the loss of a job. 

The field that we are in, compels us to know very intimate details of one’s life; being a lender, a realtor, a credit repair guy. If you are doing it right, if you are doing it well, you are providing your clients the understanding, confidence and belief that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel and together you will get there. 

Be well, 

​Credit Dr. and all of our Affiliates. 🙂

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