Greetings Credit Friends, 

Chase has been issuing letters to our clients explaining they’ve been involved in illegal actions with respect to:

  • Selling Debts to third party debt buyers that had already been settled, paid in full, discharged in bankruptcy, identified as fraudulent and not owed by the debtor, subject to an agreed-upon payment plan, no longer owned by Chase, or that were otherwise no longer enforceable. Chase also sold debts with incorrect info associated with them such as paid debts, or incorrect amount owed. 

  • Assisted third-party debt buyers in deceptively collecting debts by selling inaccurate or uncollectable debts, debts that weren’t theirs, for amounts that were incorrect or uncollectable. 

  • Robo-signed affidavits to sue consumers for unverified debt. Chase filed more than 528,000 debt collections lawsuits against consumers and proved more than 150,000 sworn statements to debt buyers for their collections lawsuits against consumers, often using robo-signed documents. In doing so, Chase systematically failed to prepare, review, and execute truthful statements as required by law. Chase also made calculation errors when filing debt collection lawsuits that sometimes resulted in judgments against consumers for incorrect amounts. Chase failed to notify consumers and the courts once it learned of these problems. 

In short, Chase acted fraudulently, it knew it acted fraudulently and tried to get away with it. 

So, here’s what our clients have been receiving. Naturally, Chase does not go into detail as to why it is doing this. It almost seems like they are just being nice…

So, in short, if you have a debt that originated between 2009 to 2013, keep an eye on the mail. You may have been a victim of this practice. 

Be well, 

​Credit Dr. 

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