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I have news. I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the 1099-c tax form, aka ‘Cancellation of Debt;..

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Getting exact law is like pulling teeth in this industry, if you are really good and competent, you can actually be a part of finding the answer. We researched and researched and despite there not being a very clear answer, as to whether a 1099-c is in fact ‘cancellation of debt’ as it reads on the tax form, well… We have determined It is. 

To put it as clearly as possible:

If you receive a 1099-c from a creditor, and that creditor refuses to correct the balance, or if the bureaus refuse to correct the balance…

get this…

You can get paid!!!

To the tune of $1000.00 for the first violation and $500..00 for each subsequent violation. 

We can help you get there. A few preliminaries are necessary, but this is huge news folks. 

So, call us, email us or telepathically mind-meld with us and let us know if you need help in this endeavor. There are few things sweeter than getting payback for months or years of credit report inaccuracies. 

I wish I could say it was free money, but it isn’t. You’ve paid for it already in the form of lower credit scores, which means higher interest rates. To be honest, a few grand probably won’t cover the damage they’ve caused to you, but it is a start. And it’s time to fight back. 

That’s the problem with having less than stellar credit. Either you pay with high interest rates, or you pay in addressing it. No question, paying to address it head on is much cheaper than simply paying high interest for years and years. 

Be well, 

Credit Dr. 

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