Despite what the talking heads of our government say, everything is NOT sunshine and lollipops out there. We have a pretty good pulse on the economy. After all, we receive phone calls all day from folks through out the country that are going through some tough times. 

We typically average several calls a week ranging from people who have lost their jobs and need advice, folks that are considering bankruptcy and need an unbiased opinion. People who may be behind in their bills, etc. We just received a call from one of our old clients about five minutes ago. His wife lost her job, they are upside down 5k on a car and they can no longer make payments. Scotty was on the phone for 10 minutes getting trade-in values so he could give them options. 

We do credit repair, but despite that moniker, our work bleeds into many aspects of finance. We are happy to offer advice, or perspective, or many times, just words of encouragement. 

Which brings me to my topic for today. 

Good credit. 

The best we can hope for in life is having options. Good credit affords us options. Not that we ever want to finance too much in our lives, there is certainly times when we need a life vest to get us through some rough times. It may be a unexpected auto repair, or heaven forbid a medical emergency, or possibly a quick loan to let us float a month while we are looking for a new job. 

Good credit allows us to do that. It allows us to be ‘drought and famine resistant’. Not infallible, but in many cases, we just need a few weeks of cash to get us through until we find a better rock to hop on. We are optimists here at Credit Dr. We believe in the perseverance of both Americans, and the American Economy. You folks are strong out there and we have many, many experiences of folks who went through some rough times and yes, they did make it through and most flourished from the experience. A lot of times we get to talk to them during both the good and the bad. It gives us a great deal of respect for the resiliency of people.

So, I guess the point is here gang, that we know it is tough out there. And with the tech industry last month laying off several tens of thousands of jobs, with the oil prices being what they are, and their respective lay-offs, I would encourage folks, who have the time, effort and willingness to improve their scores to do so.

Having the ability to take out a loan from your bank, or on your credit cards to get us over some rocky roads can be the difference between sleeping at night, and not.

Hang in there gang, we are all in this together. 

​Credit Dr.  

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