Heads up, some of our clients are receiving very harassing phone calls, and emails from supposed credit collection companies. The latest is from National Mediation Service. One of our client’s got a call from them a few days ago. The gentleman on the other end was kind enough to leave a voicemail. We have saved that voicemail and archived it in the event that the harassment continues. Should it, and we will be filing a complaint on our client’s behalf. They also issued a letter to her:

If you follow the url, you are taken to a site that is down:

The point? Please folks, do your research. The world is a changing place. Or maybe it’s just more sophisticated. Do your research, or call us and we can try to find out whether a business is legit or not. However, good advice always is, should you receive a phone call from a collection agency, or anyone stating that you owe them money, simply state that you don’t do business over the phone, and to please send you anything they have in the mail so you can review it.

Protect yourselves please,

Be well,

Credit Dr.

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