Hello friends!

Hopefully you are reading this whilst curled up next to a roaring fire and sipping spiked egg-nog.

I am not doing any of this, but I wish I was, as it is currently snowing 6-8″ in the mountains where I live and I probably will get lost somewhere in a snowdrift tonight on my way home from work.

Anyways, a client of ours sent this to us, as he was doing as we advised, ‘get us everything you receive involving credit’.

In this case, it was not necessarily something that we could work with. In short, it was a letter from an attorney offering him the option to get involved with a class action lawsuit being brought against Asset Acceptance, which oddly enough, was in fact reporting on his credit report. Additionally, he was actually called on his cell phone by a robo dialer, which is a violation of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_Consumer_Protection_Act_of_1991

See, if you are a collection agency, you cannot communicate with a client on a cell phone with out their consent. Here’s her grievance:

Plaintiff Ann Fox initially filed the TCPA class action lawsuit against Asset Acceptance in April 2013, accusing the company of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by contacting her cell phone without her consent, thereby invading her privacy. She alleges these unwanted phone calls caused consumers to incur cell phone charges or reduced the amount of time they were able to use their cell phones under the plans for which they had already paid.

So, in fact, we do have consumer rights, and occasionally, they are exercised by good folks like Ann. 

No, go have another egg-nog and throw another log on the fire. 

Be well, 

Credit Dr.


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