Data breaches are becoming rather trendy of late. The IRS, CVS, Anthem, and most recently… our friends at Experian.

What does this mean?? It means if you are a customer of T-mobile and they ran your credit from Sept 1, 2013 – Sept 16, 2015 your data may be in the hands of someone not authorized to hold it.

Welcome to the electronic age of security. Or lack there of. The fact of the matter is, and we have several clients that work in the field of online security, this is an unfortunate by-product of living in this age. What can be done?

  • We could elect to live under rocks and not participate in anything electronic, meaning no credit apps, no mortgages, credit cards or anything involving credit (i like this one)
  • We can employ a good third party service to monitor our credit and alert us to any activity
  • We can throw ourselves off a cliff and give up (I do not like this option)

​That’s pretty much it. We can pay for cash for everything. That’s another option, but unless we have enough cash to buy a house that’s not an option for most. Further, if you have that much cash, you can probably hire someone to beat up anyone that steals your info.

All seriousness here gang, we are vulnerable. We are. And to some degree this scares me. But… It is a fact of life.

So, my suggestion? Find a monitoring service that checks on your credit that you trust. We can give some suggestions on several. Just keep in mind, many of them are owned by the bureaus. Like Experian.

I know… it’s ironic.

Have a good weekend. Don’t think too much about this.

Be well,

Credit Dr. ​

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