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Here’s a good parent right here – Scotty, owner and CEO of Credit Dr. He’s doing the very best he can to provide for his little one. And it looks like it’s working. Hopefully one day he’ll catch a fish. Ha!


Scott and I were talking and we wanted to write a piece on life. That’s a big task, and we are certainly not going to address the entirety of ‘life’, but we want to talk a bit about some benefits of having good credit and how that effects… well, life in general.

In short, life is easier when we have good credit. The reason is that we have to pay more for buying money, which is really what we are doing when we take out loans. Basically, the cost of money goes up greatly when our credit is poor. Additionally, depending on how poor our credit is, we may actually not even be able to ‘buy money’. 

We have several clients that specifically engaged our services to qualify for school loans for their children. The goal in life, as parents is to offer opportunities to our children that we may not have had for ourselves. Having good credit makes that mantra easier.

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve talked to who say…’I want to do this for my kids’.

I love hearing that. I love good parents and I love the sacrifices my parents have made to better my standing in life.

Gang, good credit isn’t always about getting that car you want, or credit card you want. It is about having an easier life. A life that is less stressful. A life that we can look forward to with less struggle and more enjoyment. Life is too danged short to struggle. 

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